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Fire Chief fondled my breast - Ataa Takyi

The lady at the centre of the Techiman Fire Chief’s manhood case has spoken at last, denying that the embattled Municipal Fire Commander is her boyfriend.

In an exclusive interview with DAILY GUIDE in Techiman, Ataa Takyi, a Community Fire Assistant attached to the Techiman Fire Station, said she had never befriended Eric Philip Ansah Andoh, the fire boss, as being circulated on social media.

She said assertions by the fire chief during an interview with DAILY GUIDE were false.

Ataa Takyi said her boss sexually harassed her and attempted to fondle her breasts.

Mr Ansah Andoh, in an earlier interview, told DAILY GUIDE that Ataa was his girlfriend and that they had had several sexual encounters.


The fire chief said that that fateful day – Saturday, September 17, 2016 – was the fourth time he was passing the night at Ataa’s place and that they had previously had sexual encounters, even though he admitted she is his subordinate.

According to Ataa, when she was employed about four months ago, she was assigned to the office of the fire boss who proposed love to her but she told the man that she had a very serious boyfriend who had promised to marry her and so she would not give in to his advances.

She said anytime she went to the office to clean the place, her boss would try to grab her breasts with the intent to fondle them but anytime he attempted such a move she resisted.

According to her, on that fateful day, she was sleeping in her room when her boss knocked and when she opened the door at about 12.30 am, she saw the officer holding a black polythene bag full of clothes and asked her to wash them for him.

She said the officer bypassed her and sat on the chair in the room before she could alter a word.


Ataa maintained that she asked the officer to get out of the room because she was about to go to bed but the man refused and instead asked her to give him the chance to have sex with her, which she refused.

The lady asserted that the officer started harassing her and claimed that he could get whatever he wants due to his position.

Fearing that the officer had ill motive, Ataa said she pretended she was interested in what the man was doing, adding that the fire officer undressed, sat on the bed and asked her to suck his penis. At that juncture, Ataa said she had a second thought and decided instantly that when the man put his penis into her mouth, she would bite it severely.

According to Atta, when the officer inserted his erected organ in her mouth, she mustered courage and bit him so hard that he collapsed with blood oozing from the organ.

She said she later called the Fire Service emergency number and reported that fire was burning in her house.


Atta told DAILY GUIDE that in a moment the fire tender arrived with six fire officers and she ushered them into her room where they found the officer lying in a pool of blood.

She said they transported him to a private hospital where he received treatment.

She said the following morning, she reported the matter to the Techiman police.

Meanwhile, the matter is before a Techiman circuit court. When the case was called on Tuesday, October 11, 2016, the judge, Juan Eyi King, adjourned it to October 27, 2016.

The interdicted fire officer has been charged with rape and Ataa Takyi also charged with causing harm.

The court has granted the Fire Commander bail in the sum of GH¢2,000 to enable him to recover while Ataa is already on police enquiry bail.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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