General News Thu, 23 Jun 2005

Ghana Gay and Lesbian group concerned

AIDS Discrimination Debate

Fear of discrimination and legal complications may be discouraging homosexuals in Ghana from seeking adequate health care for STDs and AIDS, according to the Ghana Gay and Lesbian Group.

Homosexuality is illegal in the African nation. Because HIV-positive patients are asked by their physicians to bring in their partners for treatment, many refuse or do not show up at all.


A spokesman from the AIDS commission has dismissed these claims, saying that homosexuals only have themselves to blame if they are afraid to be open about their sexuality. He stated that homosexuals and sex workers are ?underground?, and therefore high-risk groups, more likely to spread the disease.

The Ghana Gay and Lesbian group says their concern may have further consequences, as gay people or lesbians would rather consult friends in finding drugs to treat their ailments than going for prescriptions from health centres.

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