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Ghana must not burn – Ghana United Nations Association warns politicians

Consequences of civil wars should be food for thought to politicians whose actions and inactions are fast bringing Ghana’s democracy on its knees, Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) has reminded.

Political parties share divergent views and policies which are all aimed at bettering the lots of the ordinary persons, but where parties would train militia groups to destabilise the peace of a country during elections, then, civil society organisations and responsible religious groups must not gloss over the dastardly training, GUNA explained.

Samuel Bamidele Ojo, National Secretary for Youths Affairs of the GUNA, on behalf of the Association and its President, based on this, seconded the call by President Akufo-Addo to the largest opposition party National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) to discuss probable ways of disbanding militia vigilantism.

He said Ghana must not be oblivious of the fact that all the African countries that had experienced civil war were once as peaceful as Ghana.

“Perhaps, their leaders, then, took such acts of militia vigilantism as kids’ play and so before they could say Jack, their homelands were in flames,” Samuel Ojo noted.

The adversarial consequences of wars are gory and nobody in Ghana is ready to chronicle these narratives, he warned.

“We have a beautiful country and continent to jealously protect. On this note, GUNA would encourage the youth to shy away from such acts that have bloody consequences for if a good turn deserves the other, so is a bad turn.

“The youth should equip themselves with some entrepreneurial skills and learn to be independent of these politicians, most of whom do not mean well for the youth and country. After all, their gargantuan investments are abroad.

“If the youth believe that, indeed, the future of Ghana and the African continent, for that matter, is in their hands, then, they should loudly say, “No,” to militia vigilantism and tell self-seeking politicians the hard truth when they come to pay them to visit mayhem on their opponents.”

GUNA urged all civil society organisations (CSOs) to be as loud as they were in the past when they spoke against any act of misconduct or moves that they saw inimical to the growth of Ghana.

The Association congratulated the people of Nigeria for their successful elections and pleaded with them to reunite to build their country.

“Elections in Africa are always fraught with accusations and counter-accusations, but what matters is how we all come together to foster unity and work to make our continent the envy of the world,” Samuel Ojo concluded.

Source: awakenewsonline.com
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