Go to court – NDC tells 'Western Togolanders'

Alex Segbefia, NDC National Democratic Congress

Mon, 28 Sep 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Deputy Campaign Manager, Alex Segbefia, has charged the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) who are seeking a break away from Ghana to present their case to the court.

According to him, it was prudent they go through a legal procedure for their grievances to be heard, as well as find a definite answer to this problem.

Mr Segbefia was of the view that should the Volta Separatists take their case to the court, there should be a quicker response for all to be furnished with the outcome of the case.

He emphasised that the case should not be fraught with the usual adjournment of cases.

“They should be encouraged to take their grievance to court and it shouldn’t be one of those court cases where adjournment, adjournment, adjournment because people want to know where they stand so if there is proactiveness in the potential court case and a decision is made which can be justified in law,” he said on Citi TV’s Big Issue show Saturday.

On Friday, Members of the Volta separatist, the Homeland Study Group Foundation blocked some major roads in the Volta Region of Ghana.

This left motorists stranded as the blockage caused traffic on the Juapong road.

The group in their protest also mounted huge signposts with the inscription ‘Welcome to Western Togoland’. About 30 separatists were airlifted to Accra for further actions to be taken against them.

It has also emerged that Ghana is now dealing with three secessionist groups who have the same objective, that is, to seek independence of Western Togolanders.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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