Government saves $3m from Mahama car deal

Mahama Luxury Cars Government took delivery of 34 luxurious vehicles ordered by the Mahama administration

Wed, 7 Feb 2018 Source: thebftonline.com

Government says prudent negotiations have saved the country over $3 million on vehicles ordered for the presidency by the previous administration.

The renegotiation reduced the cost of the vehicles from $9 million to $6 million.

Government could not reject the vehicles because a binding contractual agreement had been entered into between the previous government and the supplier.

The negotiation saved Ghana from legal tussle. Confirming the arrival of the specialised vehicles from Dubai, reliable sources within government told The Finder that the number of vehicles for the presidency has been reduced to 34 as against the 43 ordered by the previous government.

The sources will, however, not disclose the number of vehicles that have arrived in Ghana and when the rest will be flown into the country. President John Mahama’s government ordered the supply of 43 specialised vehicles, worth more than $9 million, barely eight days to the handing over of power.

The document, signed by former Deputy National Security Co-ordinator, Alhaji Salifu Osman, gave approval for the use of the vehicle by the President, Vice-President, First Lady and others.

The cars are capable of firing rounds of ammunition and are designed to withstand the effects of a hand grenade.

The offices of the President and Vice-President were assigned five full option B6 armoured plated four-seater executive Mercedes Benz (S600) with radio and video communication.

Specifications of the vehicles

The specifications of the vehicles ordered by the previous government included eight cross-country vehicles to be assigned to the offices of the President and Vice-President, in addition to another eight cross-country armoured vehicles.

According to the list for allocation, two cross-country rapid intervention vehicles and two cross-country ambulances were ordered for the offices of the President and Vice-President.

Two pick-up trucks with radio and communication as lead car for the President and his Vice were also ordered.

For the office of First and Second ladies

For the office of the First and Second ladies, two full option B6 armoured BMW 730LI with radio and video communication, two full option B6 cross-country vehicles with radio and video communication, six BMW 530 vehicles with radio and video communication, four Light body cross-country vehicles with radio and video communication (for escort and media), as well two pick-up trucks with radio and video communication as lead cars were ordered.

Source: thebftonline.com
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