Group urges government to maintain a security presence in Volta region

Chereponi Security6 Some chiefs have called for the withdrawal of the security personnel

Thu, 3 Dec 2020 Source: GNA

Slyvester Yevuga, Convenor, Tongu Youth for Peace and Development, has called on the government to maintain security personnel in the Volta region to ensure peace before, during, and after the elections.

He said the invasion of the region, particularly the Tongu area by alleged members of the Western Togoland group and their subsequent calls for tightening security in the region as no one knew when the group would strike again.

Mr Yevuga who was speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said any call by any individual or group of persons for the withdrawal of the joint security task force from the region was not in the right direction.

He alleged that they had intelligence that the alleged members of the West Togoland were planning to unleash about 4,000 of their militias to fight for their course.

The Convenor said it was, therefore, prudent for the security to be on high alert and be visible to quell any threat from these groups, thus the call on the government to maintain a security presence in the region.

He believed that the presence of the taskforce in designated joints is based on intelligence and since that could only be decoded by them, it would be wrong for a segment of the population outside the security and military establishments to comprehend such deployments.

"Security is fought with Intelligence and that is different from going to the market. The most important of it is that it is discreet to only those who need it and work with it."

He acknowledged that beyond the criminal activities of the secessionists' group, terrorism and the general election are other events that border on intelligence and security building adding "we cannot play this game on chances theory but a well-calculated efforts needed to defeat the activities of nation saboteurs.

Source: GNA
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