‘Gun-wielding’ Hawa Koomson acted irresponsibly – Atik Mohammed

Atik Mohammed Neew PNC General Secretary, Atik Mohammed

Tue, 21 Jul 2020 Source: mypurefmonline.com

General Secretary of the People’s National Convention(PNC), Atik Mohammed has condemned the Minister for Special Development Initiative, Mavis Hawa Koomson for firing a warning shot on Monday at the Step to Christ registration centre in the Awutu Senya East Constituency.

The Awutu Senya Member of Parliament representing the New Patriotic Party says she carried the gun along and fired because she and her agents felt threatened at the registration centre.

However, Atik mohammed stated on ‘Pure Morning Drive’ hosted by Kwame Adinkrah that it was an act of irresponsibility.

"Even if she was provoked, there are several ways she could have handled the issue instead of resorting to pulling a gun. I think that was below the belt. Not to offend feminist groups, but for a woman to pull a gun is show of weakness not bravery at all. If you try to restrain yourself in the face of provocation doesn’t make you weak but smarter. It means that you look at all kinds of alternative in the face of difficulty before taking decision. Her narration doesn’t add up. There no foundation for her narration.”

"To pull a gun to scare people was an impulsive decision, which is wrong. And the consequences is bad. She could have restrain herself. That act was very irresponsible. She may be right, but the fact that she pulled a gun worsen her case. Somebody could have died if she had misfired the shot”, he added.

Four men are being detained at the Central Regional Police Headquarters following the shooting incident. Registration at the Step to Christ centre was halted after armed gang sacked some prospective voters from the premises amid gunshots.

At least three motorbikes were burnt during the chaos.

Source: mypurefmonline.com
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