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How Haruna Iddrisu sat at two places during one parliamentary sitting

Haruna Iddrisu, former Minority Leader and MP for Tamale South

Fri, 10 Feb 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Member of Parliament for Tamale South Haruna Iddrisu sat at two different places during the Thursday, February 9, 2023 sitting of Parliament.

It is his decision to sit with the Majority Caucus at a point, however, that has attracted lots of media coverage and controversy within the circles of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), both in Parliament and outside.

Finding Haruna a befitting spot in parliament

Haruna, having been removed as Minority Leader in late February 2023 lost his seat in the front benches and had to be assigned a new spot.

It turns out that the party had deliberations on how to get him a place befitting his status as a former Minority Leader.

According to a Joy News report, he was supposed to take a seat reserved for one of the longest serving members of the House, Collins Dauda (Asutifi South MP) who occupies a front seat along with veteran Cletus Avoka.

When Haruna arrived in the chamber for the day’s proceedings, he took the seat of Rashid Pelpuo (Wa Central MP) even though his name had been placed at the spot of Collins Dauda. Reports say Dauda had also rejected the decision to relocate him.

When it was Haruna’s turn to contribute to a debate, he was found seated at the Majority side, specifically at the place of first deputy Speaker Joseph Osei Owusu (Joewise) who was presiding at the time.

Haruna explains why he took Joewise’s seat

“Mr Speaker, forgive me that I have to assume your chair, there was [sic] whether I should take over from Collins Dauda or yours and I have told them that honourable Collins Dauda is senior by age and a senior even to this house.

“So, I will not fit into his chair as somebody who is well-trained from home. So, any other chair Mr speaker acceptable to me, I am still the elected member of parliament for Tamale south,” he said in the chamber on February 9 after he made a contribution.

On social media and among the Caucus members, there is apparent disquiet at his move.

“It appears some persons within the Minority are not too pleased with what happened on the floor today, indeed a source tells me that prior to today’s sitting, the controversy surrounding whether or not Haruna Iddrisu should take Collins Dauda’s seat had been resolved.

“And now, Haruna Iddrisu is expected to take the seat of Rashid Pelpuo where he actually sat today when he came to the floor before heading to sit at the first deputy Speaker’s chair,” Joy News’ parliamentary correspondent Kwaku Asante disclosed.


Leadership reshuffle and sitting rearrangement

In line with the NDC’s reshuffle in the minority leadership, some MPs including the former leaders have seen some changes in their sitting positions.

Per the seating arrangement in parliament, the leaders are usually seated on the first row in the chamber and ranking members sit in the row after that.

The other two seats in the front row are usually reserved for the senior most parliamentarians.

Before the reshuffle, Cletus Avoka and Collins Dauda who are the two longest-serving members of parliament occupied these seats.

However, due to the reshuffle, Collins Dauda, MP for Asutifi South has been removed for Haruna Iddrisu to occupy the seat.

Haruna Iddrisu has, however, refused to sit on Collins Dauda’s seat.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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