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2-bedroom house, 2 barbering shops: How this young man has used his bet winnings in 7 years

This young man says he has been able to build from his sports betting earnings

Thu, 20 Apr 2023 Source:

A young man who has been in the game of sports betting for over 7 years, has spoken about how rewarding the venture has been for him.

He explained that while it is not a tough game of chances; one that requires a great dose of luck, he cannot deny how profitable it has been for him.

Francis, as he is known, told GhanaWeb TV that through the earnings he has had over the years, he has been able to put up a two-bedroom house for his mother.

Also, he owns two barbering shops at Dome Pillar 2, in Accra, where he currently has 14 employees.

“Through this bet, I have a land that I built a two-bedroom house and my mom is staying inside now – all because of betting,” he told GhanaWeb TV’s Etsey Atisu.

Francis and some friends of his, who have formed the Concerned Bettors of Ghana (CBOG), were interacting with the journalist concerning the new 10% sports betting tax that has been introduced by the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo government.

For these young men, while they admit they are making some good profits from betting, they find it a lazy approach by the government in expanding its tax base, or in making money.


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