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Husband, wife dragged in as NPP Executive trades insult with NDC Communicator on live radio

Deputy National Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party, Jennifer Queen

Sun, 24 Sep 2023 Source:

A discussion on the ongoing limited voter registration exercise by the Electoral Commission degenerated into personal attacks on Atinka as the Deputy National Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party, Jennifer Queen, and Agbesi Nutsu of the communications team of the National Democratic Congress lost their cool on live TV.

The two political actors engaged in vitriolic attacks as their better halves were dragged into the near-blow incident that unfolded on Atinka TV.

The verbal exchanges were triggered by a comment from Agbesi Nutsu of the NDC who in calling out the chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa for not heeding the calls of the NDC, remarked that her beauty is enhanced by the make-up she does.

Jennifer Queen did not take that lightly as she fired back, surmising that if Agbesi Nutsu will not allow his wife to do make-ups then it is his personal view but he should not be going personal on the EC chair over her looks.

“I don’t want to toe his line that the woman wore make-up to the press conference to address the country. If you will not allow your wife to wear makeup to town, that’s your business. I’m a woman so I won’t sit and allow you to say such things about another woman”, she said.

The mention of 'wife' triggered Agbesi Nutsu who vowed not to allow Jennifer Queen to talk ill of his wife. He amid anger threatened to deal with Jennifer Queen if she dragged into the conversation his wife who holds no public office.

“Don’t bring my wife into this. Please don’t do that. She (Jean Mensa) is the chairperson of the EC so she's not just somebody’s wife. She is being paid by the state but my wife is not paid by the state. Don’t dare. I won't bring your husband into this so don’t try. I’m warning you.

Jennifer Queen protested “No one can warn me. Everyone has a weakness button one can press. You can’t threaten."

Agbesi fought back “She (Jean Mensa) is occupying an institution of the state..."

The more he got infuriated, the more Jennifer Queen stoked the fire as she fired another warning “I have mentioned your wife, beat me. I’m daring you to beat me. You have grey hair, make use of it.”

Agbesi Nutsu took his anger to the show host and scolded him for not doing enough to moderate the program.


Watch the incident below


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