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I blame Justice Georgina Wood for allowing Anas' 'stupid stuff' to gain roots - Effah Dartey

Her Ladyship Justice Georgina Wood, former Chief Justice

Fri, 19 May 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Lawyer Nkrabea Effah Dartey has raised concerns about the decision made by former Chief Justice of Ghana, Her Ladyship Justice Georgina Wood, in the controversial Justice For Sale investigative work released by journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, in 2015.

The expose involved judges taking bribes and other inducements to circumvent the laws of justice.

According to Nkrabea Effah Dartey, the entrapment method employed by Anas in the investigative work was ethically wrong and highlighted that no law in the world permits individuals to tempt others to entrap them.

"At least for me, after 37 years practicing as a lawyer, I haven't seen any law that says that you can go to someone's office and tempt the person; no, it is not allowed. The law does not permit anybody to tempt anybody; it is as simple as that," he said.

Speaking in an interview with Okay FM on May 18, 2023, he further argued that the then Chief Justice Georgina Wood should have been more resolute in upholding the rule of law and criticized her for what he deemed as an erroneous decision.

According to him, the case brought against Anas by some lawyers in the aftermath of the expose ended up being rendered useless, while others resorted to taking it to the ECOWAS court.

He expressed disappointment with the way the former Chief Justice handled Anas' case and suggested that she made a significant error in her judgment.


“Personally, I disagree very much with Her Ladyship the former Chief Justice, Mrs. Justice Georgina Wood, for allowing Anas' 'stupid stuff' to gain roots in society.

“I disagree, in fact, some lawyers petitioned this case in court but the case became useless. Others even took it to the ECOWAS court. You see, it is sad, it is very sad, but the way the chief Justice at the time treated Anas’s case, personally I think she committed an error, personally I think she was in a big error. The law must work, all of us are mortals and subject to mistakes, who can say that he/she is holy?" he added.

The lawyer's comments come in the wake of a recent High Court ruling that ordered Anas to remove his famous veil and show his face to former GFA president, Kwesi Nyantakyi, in their ongoing lawsuit.

This development has reignited debates surrounding Anas' investigative methods and its legality.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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