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Immigration Officers force individuals to slap each other in viral video

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Tue, 5 Jan 2021 Source:

A cruel video of Immigration Officers forcing some alleged arrested persons to slap themselves has surfaced online and has got people talking.

In the video that was sighted by GhanaWeb, the Immigration Officers, whose faces were not captured by the camera and names unknown, instructed the arrested people to slap themselves to their amusement.

The first two people who were Okada Riders had to obey what the officers had ordered them to do for fear of what might have happened to them if they refused to follow the order from the security officers.

One Immigration Officer at a point had to demonstrate to the young men how to slap better because he seemed not to be satisfied with the standard slaps.

He then allowed the Okada Drivers to go after making them exchange a series of slaps on the streets and brought other young men to repeat the same acts.

GhanaWeb, however, cannot confirm when the incident happened.

Watch the video below:

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