Insatiable greed cause of NPP crises - WANEP

Chukwuemeka Eze WANEP.jpeg Dr. Chukwuemeka Eze

Tue, 10 Nov 2015 Source: ultimate1069.com

The Executive Director of the West African Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) Dr. Chukwuemeka Eze has blamed the growing intra-political party violence in Ghana especially within the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to insatiable greed for power by its leadership.

He indicates that such practices have been noted to create the avenue in the accumulation of wealth in the primitive way which has resulted in the loss of lives describing them as unfortunate and regrettable.

Speaking on Ultimate News, he expressed worry that with the level of development in Ghana’s democracy, such acts of violence are witnessed in a party considered as the most viable opposition.

He expressed hope that the infighting within the NPP does not take an ethnic coloration as this could be a major recipe for disaster as such groupings within the party might feel marginalized likely to further heighten the tension.

“The party structure must begin now to heal the wounds and begin to identify the dissatisfied groups and see how to appease them”, he disclosed.

Dr. Chukwuemeka Eze underscored the need for the NPP structures to put in place measures in uniting the party to avert future occurrence and not relent in its efforts to close ranks and moving ahead if it desires to win the 2016 elections.

“A disunited house will not be able to confront the ruling party for power,” he revealed.

He admitted that reconciliation is a huge task and requires concerted effort but indicates that the onus lies on the party to use the available structures in mending its differences if indeed the NPP is determined to enter the 2016 elections as a united party and a formidable force to reckon with.

Source: ultimate1069.com
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