Inside Ghana's most expensive nursery school costing $14,788 a year

Thu, 5 Dec 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Even the most cursory glance gives one a clue that this is no ordinary children's nursery.

For a start, you do not come across mothers standing and chatting at the gate as kids tug their skirts waiting to begin the day.

The parents who drop their little darlings at the school are no ordinary clientele. That is evident from the type of cars that drop these kids at school.

Welcome to the nursery of Lincoln Community School (LCS); apparently the most expensive school in Ghana where the elite sends their kids. In 1968, six American families joined together to create Lincoln Community School(LCS).

Ghana plays host to a lot of expensive International schools such as Ghana International School, SOS Herman Gmeiner, Al Rayan amongst others. However, LCS tops them all; from nursery through to high school. When talking about quality education, LSC absolutely mean business!

On the school's website, it clearly states that nursery’s annual tuition 2019/20 is $14,788. If you are thinking of taking your kids there don’t forget to remember the registration fees for new entrants.

According to the school “the Registration fee is a onetime, non-refundable payment for all new students and must be paid in full at the time of admission. On entry, a student in Pre-Kindergarten pays an initial registration fee of US$1,500; the balance of US$5,000 becomes payable when the student advances to Kindergarten”.

Application fee is not a popular requirement when kids are being enrolled in nursery through to high schools, but Lincoln Community School requires parents to pick a form at $200 dollars before wards are considered.

The school takes such a big leap in running a cashless business. Fees are being paid by cheques, direct deposit, or wire transfers into the School’s accounts. Unfortunately, issuing faulty checks to the school attracts a penalty payment of USD100.00, so you better do it right.

Maintenance culture to LCS. “All students are billed a maintenance fee of USD 2,000 per annum. Maintenance fee is due together with the first semester fee and it is non-refundable,” says LCS.

LCS does not send kids home for owing fees. However, there are penalties for late payments.

“Each semesters' fees, which are outstanding after their due date, will attract an interest payment of 2% per month”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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