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Jinapor is incompetent, ignorant and inexperienced - Lawyer

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Private legal practitioner, lawyer Maurice Ampaw, has taken the Deputy Chief of Staff, Abu Jinpaor to the cleaners for saying that, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) president, Kwesi Nyantakyi, defrauded by businessmen false pretense in the name of the president and his vice.

According to the lawyer, it was wrong for him to come out and point out that, Kwesi Nyantakyi defrauded by false pretense because investigation into the matter has not been concluded. Addressing a press conference yesterday [Tuesday] Abu Jinapor said the GFA president is current being probe for defrauding by false pretense.

“The President of the Republic has had the benefit of viewing aspects of the investigative piece and in this documentary, the President of the Ghana Football Association, Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi is supposedly seen attempting to use the President’s name and that of the Vice President and other senior officials of government to induce supposed potential investors into our country to part with various sums of monies."

Jinapor added that the President decided after full consultations revealed that a prima facie case could be established for criminal investigations to be launched into the conduct of the President of the Ghana Football Association.

He noted that “other accomplices that may exist and therefore the President has reported this matter to the legally sanctioned and mandated agencies of the state to commence investigations into this matter. We will entreat Ghanaians to be calm and allow the legally mandated security agencies to complete investigations. Anyone found culpable in this investigation will be made to face the full rigours of the law”.

But reacting to the presser, the lawyer said, Jinapor lacks common sense and erred in his comments. ‘’It was wrong for Jinapor to come out and say that Nyantakyi defrauded by false pretense. You don’t do that. If you have not concluded your probe, you don’t do that. If Nyantakyi is able to prove beyond reasonable doubt, where will the false pretense be?


‘’What you can do is to say that, you have intercepted a video where someone was using the name of the president to solicit for money and so you have handed the matter to the CID for further investigation so they can process the appropriate charges.’’

‘’These men working at the presidency are incompetent and do not know what to do or say. Jinapor is a professional lawyer and why should he make such pronouncements. The case could move from what he said to corruption. It was unnecessary, uncalled for, and unlawful. He is also not the spokesperson for the president and so why should he come out and say those things? Is he an investigator? He further slammed the president and appointing inexperienced individuals and unable to think deep.

‘’I am extremely disappointed in Jinapor as a lawyer. You have watched a one-sided video and you are claiming that someone has committed as offence,’’ he added. He added that, the comments by Nyantakyi has implicated the president hence the need to allow due process to be carried out.

He charged the president to surround himself with intelligent people and ''I will tell the president to surround himself with intelligent people and not people who supported him to win political power.''

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