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KABA's shocking death has taught me a great lesson - Vim Lady confesses

Vimla2 Vim Lady

Thu, 21 Dec 2017 Source:

Popular Adom FM presenter, Afia Pokuaa, says the death of KABA has made her learn great lessons about life.

According to "Vim Lady", she has now decided to live her life to its fullest and also not please anyone.

"So after KABA'S death, I told myself, I will live my life and live well. I shall please no one. Never! The Lord is my shepherd so do pray for me when you kneel down before God,"

she penned down on Facebook.

The death of the astute radio presenter shocked the media fraternity and also the entire nation.

One of the media personalities that expressed grave shock and anguish over KABA's death was gospel musician, OJ.

The local artiste was in the news not long ago after shedding uncontrollable tears at the premises of Multimedia.

Circumstances leading to KABA's death was in a way shrouded in mystery as unconfirmed narratives claimed the presenter died of black magic. Others also claimed he suffered a stroke. But in all, a post-mortem on the late presenter shows that he may have died of hypertensive complications.

KABA’s death sent shock waves across the country as thousands of fans and followers could not believe his unexpected passing.

One thing which sparked a little bit of controversy was all the allegations of what actually killed KABA. Many have said High blood pressure, Marital issues, Black magic, Frustrations and Unhealthy competition at Multimedia Group played major roles leading to his death.

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