Kan Dapaah is a ‘slay king’; but resignation isn’t an option – Section of Ghanaians react to leaked video

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Wed, 15 Jan 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Following the current state of debate the country has been thrown into over the National Security Minister’s ‘romantic’ tape being leaked, some Ghanaians have chastised him for his ‘morally indiscipline act’.

But for others, his act is nothing but a normal situation many men a guilty of. They said the only reason some big names are jittery and others, overly triggered by the leaked video is because they are in the same game as ‘slay kings’.

“I really see this as very normal. If there was a relationship between them, then it’s normal. I don’t see the reason why people are making a big fuss out of this,” a man said.

Another said, “why should he resign, I think it’s just a setup. The man is just an old slay king. It’s something he’s been doing and he was exposed this time. But aside that, he’s been doing his work perfectly so he shouldn’t resign. His private life of not part of his work.”

For others, who backed calls for Kan Dapaah’s resignation, their reason is simple, he has brought shame to the country, the person who appointed him and the office he occupies.

“We’ve given him a mandate as a Minister, a whole Minister in charge of National Security and he allowed this to happen to him. What shows he can even deal with the country’s security issues without fear or favour? So I think he should be sacked to serve as a deterrent,” another averred.

The sentiments of others who spoke to the GhanaWeb team off record are not vastly different.

Meanwhile, the National Security Minister is yet to speak on the rather unfortunate incident. Other speculations, on the other hand, have indicated that the video is only an attempt to force Mr Dapaah to resign.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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