General News Thu, 27 Oct 2016

Kwame Damoah Agyemang calls EC boss 'arrogant'

A former Administrator at the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana Kwame Damoah Agyemang, has lashed out at the EC chairperson Madam Charlotte Osei describing her as ‘arrogant’ and not a good replacement for her predecessor Dr. Kwadwo Afari Djan.

He said the posture of Madam Charlotte and the perception people have about the EC suggests the she is being manipulated by a ‘powerful being’.

The former Administrator at the EC said the EC boss behaves as if she has all the power and also refuses to listen to suggestions, remarking that there is a sharp difference between the former and present.

Mr Agyemang accused the EC boss of throwing her weight about when questions are posed to her regarding the new logo and the electoral process.

He charged the EC Boss to redeem herself on the assertion that a hidden hand is controlling the affairs of the commission and that they are independent, wondering why the EC would embark on re-branding spree instead of redeeming its image and focusing on its core mandate.

According to him, the EC’s logo signifies voodoo which does not in anyway reflect the election, saying the logo also does not depict the functions of the EC.

‘Some of her behaviour shows that she has some arrogance. Charlotte Osei is not a good replacement for Afari Djan. He was a better chairperson than Charlotte. The perception is about how she goes about her body language and attitude when people try to make suggestions and how you rebut. That will make people suspect,…some people think they have to show gratitude to the appointee, and so behave in a way that is part of the perception.

The EC Chair has been behaving as if the election is a joke. Election is a serious business, they have been joking as if it’s something simple, this is a credibility issue, instead of working assiduously to redeem your image, you go round re-branding the Commission’s logo. When the personnel are the same no change of attitudes, show of arrogance and what not,… a logo which doesn’t even depict the mission of the commission, you see something like some artwork, it doesn’t reflect anything, it’s just a symbol, is it a voodoo sign or what?, seriousness is absent,’ he fumed.

He observed that accessibility of information by the populace is scanty, accusing the EC of failing to embark on public education which will facilitate its work.

Speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, Mr Agyemang blamed the EC for the numerous lawsuits and controversies which have characterised the 2016 elections.

He said with the numerous lawsuits, activities will be rushed through and that the consequence would be damning, indicating that Ghanaians should not be rushed into voting but rather vote at their own comfort.

Commenting on writs filed against the EC by some individuals pointing some loopholes in the CI 94 used in regulating the elections, he suggested to the EC to provide the various political parties the collation sheets if it has nothing to hide.

‘We are aiming at transparency and accountability and not something you are cooking in your room, so give it to them, nothing stops the EC from allowing the regional representatives of furnishing the political parties the collation sheets on demand,’ he suggested.

Source: ultimatefmonline.com