Lawyer Sosu vows to lead citizens’ arrest of unidentified security officers on election day

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Tue, 1 Dec 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The National Democratic Congress Parliamentary Candidate for Madina Constituency, Lawyer Xavier-Francis Sosu, says the presence of ununiformed security officers without proper identification will not be tolerated in the constituency on election day.

The Human Rights Lawyer made the statement whiles underscoring the importance of the physical presence of security officers in maintaining law and order at the various polling stations on December 7.

According to him, the Madina National Democratic Congress, in ensuring the security of ballots as well a free and fair process, will effect a citizens’ arrest on anyone who turns up in the constituency as a security officer without proper identification on election day.

“We want to assure Ghanaians that as far as we are concerned, the NDC in Madina here, anybody who shows up, who is not uniformed personnel, who claims to be coming from any security force, we are going to ensure that we will arrest them. We will affect citizens’ arrest and hand them over to the police. We are not going to allow anybody who is not a uniformed personnel to operate in Madina here.”

He further explained that, “…Because we want to ensure the security of the ballot, we want to ensure that everything is free and fair, and nobody from anywhere will come and disrupt the process under the pretext of working for any security agency when they are not properly uniformed,” he stated in an interview with GhanaWeb whiles working as an agent in the ongoing special voting exercise.

According to lawyer Sosu, the orderliness that has characterized the special voting exercise being held at the Madina Divisionl Police Headquarters, largely proves the need to have physical presence of security officers at the various polling stations on December 7.

“I observed that a lot of things are peaceful here because we are at a police station. This is the Divisional Police Command; we don’t know how election day is going to turn out. But my guess is that because people can see police officers around, everybody is comporting themselves. It also suggests that on election day, the physical presence of uniformed police men is going to assist the process. The sense of security is going to be high when people see men in uniform,” he said.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana ahead of the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary elections is conducting special voting across the 275 polling stations in the country.

In all over one hundred and nine thousand persons made up of security officers, media persons as well as officials of the Electoral Commission will be participating in today’s exercise.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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