General News Thu, 1 Aug 2013

Mahama, Accra mayor visit Theodosia Okoh to render apologies

President John Mahama has personally gone to convey his apologies to 91-year-old Theodosia Okoh for Accra Mayor Alfred Oko Vanderpuije’s “sad mistake”, as the president described it, of attempting to over-write the national flag designer’s name with that of late President John Mills on the national hockey pitch.

The mayor went along with President Mahama to convey the apologies.

Mr. Vanderpuije took a lot of flak from the public after announcing the name-change.

He was reprimanded by the Presidency as well and ordered to halt the intended name-change.

Even though President Mahama already apologised to the 91-year-old national hero in the heat of the mayor’s faux pas, XYZ News sources say Mr. Mahama said he found it necessary to advance his personal apologies thus the visit to the granny’s home on Thursday.

Source: XYZ
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