Malawi parents bombard lawyer after dreadlocks success

Dreadlocks Dreadlocks

Thu, 16 Jan 2020 Source: bbc.com

Some 74 parents of children who have been excluded from schools in Malawi because they have dreadlocks have contacted the lawyer who fought to allow one schoolgirl back into the classroom.

Malawi's high court is hearing a case filed by a schoolgirl who was denied admission to a primary school because of her dreadlocks.

The court gave the interim order to demand she is allowed into the classroom which applies to all children in Malawi.

The lawyer Chikondi Chijozi told BBC Newsday that dozens of parents were excited by the outcome and await a final ruling which will be made at the end of the case.

Ms Chijozi said it was the first time that the court gave blanket orders that affected all students.

She explained that in previous cases the court orders only affected the students who had sued the respective schools that denied them admission.

Source: bbc.com
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