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Marwako saga: Evelyn’s resilience commendable – Amaliba

EVELYN MAWARKO GG Evelyn Boakye, the staff of Mawarko who was allegedly abused

Sun, 6 Aug 2017 Source:

Private legal practitioner Abraham Amaliba has applauded Evelyn Boakye, the Marwako Kitchen staffer whose face was dipped into pepper paste by her supervisor Jihad Chaaban, for ensuring that the case travelled to the end without opting for an out of court settlement.

According to Mr Amaliba, there have been several cases of this kind that the complainants had told the courts that they were no longer interested in pursuing the case further probably because of financial influence.

Therefore, Ms Boakye’s decision to allow the case to travel to the end was commendable.

The Abeka District court sentenced Mr Jihad Chaaban, the Abelemkpe supervisor of Marwako Fast Foods Limited, to nine months in jail for dipping the face of a kitchen staff in pepper paste.

Chabaan was found guilty of assault and causing harm.

Commenting on this matter on TV3’s New Day programme on Saturday August 5, Mr Amaliba said: “The laws of Ghana also protect foreigners and so it behooves on the two, the foreigner and the Ghanaian to play according to the rules. When you look at the Marwako case, clearly the evidence adduced in court pointed to Jihad manhandling the Ghanaian worker.

“Because his own witness who came to court to testify on his behalf indicated that yes, there was such an act where the young lady‘s head was put in a substance but what the witness indicated was that it was not pepper but it was in onions. But we also know that onions are not meant for human eyes so it doesn’t matter whether it is hot pepper or onion.

“So his own witness who came corroborated the allegations against him. For the first time in recent memory I’m happy that a case of this nature has travelled the full length where the Ghanaian has not said that I’m not interested because probably some moneys have exchanged hands.”

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