Men must talk about their domestic abuses too – Stacy Amewoyi

Stacy Amewoyi1 Stacy Amewoyi, founder of Stacy M. Foundation

Wed, 29 Jan 2020 Source: Emmanuel Addo Darkwa, Contributor

Founder of Stacy M foundation Stacy Amewoyi says gender norms compound the trauma for men who are victims of rape and sexual abuse and it is time to give them support.

The humanitarian argues that “male rape and sexual abuse is a largely hidden crisis. We know most female survivors never report their experiences but among men, it is even higher.

She adds, “for those men who do come forward about sexual abuse, the evidence suggests that it takes them three decades on average to do so.

Society drills strict gender norms into boys’ skulls from a very early age, a sense of being “strong” and “tough”, of not displaying weakness or vulnerability. This is an issue Amewoyi touches on.

“Boys always want to put on a brave face and be there for others. Showing their vulnerability, my weakness, isn’t supposed to be in their character. That is not right”.

She also says that when it comes to male rape, gender norms collide with trauma.

“Many survivors feel guilt or shame, torturing themselves with questions such as why they didn’t somehow fight off their attackers, or wondering if there was some hidden vulnerability that had caused them to be targeted”.

Amewoyi further states that myths become formidable obstacles to survivors confronting their traumas, “that “real men” don’t get raped, that survivors of rape or abuse must be gay, that rape is about sex rather than power and control, or that the abused are likely themselves to become perpetrators.

Save the boy child is a campaign against child abuse by Stacy and Michaeline Una

Michaeline Una

The Stacy M. Foundation is a humanitarian foundation that seeks to provide support to the needy to make a living and also make life comfortable for them. Stacy Amewoyi established her foundation in 2013.

According to her, the nationwide foundation aims to eradicate the gap between the poor and rich. The foundation, which has a mission of improving the lives of struggling people, has so far made strides by providing for the needy in Ghana.

The Stacy M. Foundation also provides training for individuals who want to empower themselves.

Source: Emmanuel Addo Darkwa, Contributor
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