General News Thu, 23 Jun 2005

Minister blames rains for poor roads

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Sheik I.C Quaye says the bad state of some roads in the capital should be blamed on the rains.

He says contractors cannot be held responsible if roads are washed away with the rains.

Mr. Quaye who is also the Member of Parliament for Ayawaso Central was responding to complaints from some residents of his constituency on JOY FM's consumer advocacy Programme "Feedback".

The residents complained about the bad state of a road in North Alago in the Plant Pool area.

According to Sheik I.C Quaye the road in question is currently under construction.

He said it would be wrong to chastise the contractor for the bad state of the road in the rainy season.


He questioned why people always find fault with construction works undertaken by Ghanaians. ?Look go and see the work that Taylor Woodrow is doing, why is it that they are not talking about that, you know when a white man is working, they don?t talk about that, when they see a black man working then they talk about it. So are they saying that we should not encourage Ghanaians to go into construction?? he asked.

?Naturally when a road is filled with gravels and it rains, naturally it will rip off and so some of it will wash away, that is what people should understand. There is no road in the world where you will see the road standing in the same way as when there was no rain,? he said.

Sheik I.C Quaye conceded however that some roads in the city have gone bad in the rainy season due to shoddy works.

He said such cases are being investigated.

?We know that there could be shoddy work out there and we are warning the contractors that they should work as expected of them. The engineers are there and we have monitors who go to inspect?? he said

Sheik I.C Quaye was speaking to Nortey Duah on JOY FM's on Consumer advocacy program Feedback.

Source: Joy Online