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Most searched words on Google by Ghanaians in 2020

Google Phone Google is the most used search engine in Ghana

Thu, 31 Dec 2020 Source:

The quest for information usually leads people to resort to various forms of avenues available to them to obtain results.

In Ghana, the most visited platform for research and knowledge gathering is the search engine, Google.

Throughout the years, reliance on Google has grown exponentially by all sectors of individuals in the country.

In all of this, some words seem to have piqued the interest of Ghanaians as they have been searched for time and again all through the year.

2020 has turned out to be quite an extraordinary year with a fair share of surprises here and there as well as introductions of many new things.

As the curtains draw on the year 2020, GhanaWeb highlights the items which were most searched for by Ghanaians across the country.

Google Trends identified ‘Ghana’ as the term which came on top as far as word searches by Ghanaian users in the past 12 months was concerned.

Per the data available to GhanaWeb, queries that topped the list this year bordered largely around news, the global pandemic, betting and entertainment.

Keenly following Ghana is the term ‘Download’ as well as ‘mp3 download’. This development brings to bear the citizenry’s attitude in acquiring music online.

Fourth on the list is Ghana’s foremost online news website, GhanaWeb, which prior to this had enjoyed being on top of the pile.

That said, however, it is the only news website which made it to the top ten most searched for item in the year 2020.

Coming up in fifth is the search engine google while two betting companies took the 6th and 9th spots.

Social media platform Facebook is the 7th most searched item and the global pandemic, Coronavirus is 8th.

Below is the full list of the 10 most searched items on Google in the year 2020:

1. Ghana

2. Download

3. Mp3 download

4. GhanaWeb

5. Google

6. Betway

7. Facebook

8. Coronavirus

9. Betpawa

10. Weather

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