NADMO calls for re-engineering of Ghana’s drainage systems

George Ayisi NADMO 8 National Communications Director of NADMO, George Ayisi

Tue, 20 Oct 2020 Source: universnewsroom.com

The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has called on the government to re-engineer the drainage systems within the Accra Metropolitan Area.

They believe that this will curb the perennial flooding that affects various communities when it rains.

Their call comes on the back of recent downpours that have led to the destruction of properties in the capital.

Speaking to Univers News, NADMO National Communications Director, George Ayisi, also attributed the happenings to construction activities at water-logged areas.

“The challenge is that people are traditionally attached to where they live, you tell them to relocate and they tell you our great grandfathers lived here and so this is where we live and yet year in and year out when the incidents occur they suffer the challenge, building on waterway is a key matter”.

He also appealed to the government to increase support to the Organizations.

“As a rapid response agency, once there’s an emergency and we are called upon, we should be able to get there fast, fit and on time to be able to help save as many lives and as many properties as possible but then sometimes we have difficulties with vehicles and co”.

Source: universnewsroom.com
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