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NDC boys on rampage over John Mahama

The deep-seated internal wrangling that culminated in the defeat of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during the December 7, 2016 general elections does not appear to be ending anytime soon.

This is because there is currently what can be likened to a ‘civil war’ that is tearing the main opposition party apart.

The party is gearing up to select a suitable candidate to challenge the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2020 but the continuous accusations and counter-accusations are not helping the party to re-strategise effectively even after the release of the report of the Prof Kwesi Botchwey Committee that investigated the NDC’s massive defeat last year.

DAILY GUIDE has stumbled on social media platform conversations that seem to suggest that the confusion is intensifying in the party by the day, as the call for unity has clearly fallen on deaf ears.


Rojo Reply

Rojo hit back, saying “Stan, I cannot believe you are putting this out about me and my team… Really? When did we ask for money for research? And at what meeting did this happen?”

Stan returned fire, saying, “I am very ready, and you are welcome to continue your already failed agenda. Let’s see what you can withstand from your own corner,” to which the former deputy minister said “Stan…Your response is more bizarre than I expect from you.”

Rojo continued: “I asked you a very specific question about when and where I personally and or my team ever asked you or anybody we may have met for money for research? What research? We undertook specific research financed through our own means which we tried severally to share with the President, and a presidency communication team he assigned to meet us and the NDC party.”


Rojo retorted, “People like the former ADC Abdul are rather supporting Stan for his behaviour. Incredible. They want to crucify the truth but it is not possible.”

Dela Coffie

NDC activist, Dela Coffie, who has not hidden the fact that Mr. Mahama should never lead the party again accused supporters of the former President of assassinating the character of those who want a new leadership for the party.

“Clearly, this has become the epitome of John Mahama hangers-on,” he posted on Facebook, adding “They will stop at nothing to attack, berate and character assassinate anyone who genuinely offers constructive critique of the failed John Mahama leadership.”


“Isn’t it sickening that people are actually working to shove Mahama down our throats after such an abysmal showing at the polls as incumbent? A man who reduced our electoral fortunes from 50.7 in 2012 to 44.4 in 2016 with all the resources at his disposal?” Dela Coffie charged.

Alabi Lackey

Another communicator called Benjamin Essuman, who does not hide from the fact that he supports former University of Professional Studies Rector, Joshua Alabi to become the NDC flagbearer for 2020, said the NDC should campaign on the platform of what he called New Hope in 2020. Essuman, who was part of the Flagstaff House sponsored #I Choose JM ahead of the 2016 polls, suddenly jumped out of the JM ‘sinking ship’ to hang on Alabi for safety, firing Mahama from all cylinders.

Paramza Angle


He concluded that “the NDC will be more divided if Mahama contests as we are seeing already. Coming events, they say, cast their shadows. The best person who could have united the party is Mahama. Unfortunately, he has decided to be a player instead of the referee. I love Mahama and I would have wished he kept his legacy and his image in tact instead of subjecting himself to a needless assessment.

“The NDC members must all prepare ourselves physically and psychologically for the trials and tribulations ahead of us before and after the NDC primaries.”

In the ensuing debate, one Kwesi Kwandoh teased the anti-Mahama elements in the NDC, saying “Write all the things about John Dramani Mahama, nobody will sort you out. Just continue, may be you want NPP to sort you out because they hate JM,” adding, “John Mahama will win the primaries, win election 2020 and be sworn in 2021. If you have a #Candidate just market him. I am for John Mahama.”

Then a certain Philip L Koomson, who appears not to support Mahama, threatened to expose alleged dirty dealings of the former president.

“We are waiting patiently for the day JM will pick his forms to contest NDC presidential primaries.

“We will give his file from KGB to the media for everyone to see his nakedness.”

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