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NDC has to respect Rawlings or we loose 2020 again - Ohene Adu

A former Vice Chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for the Kintampo North Constituency, Mr Ohene Adu popularly known as '2Paddy' has warned national executives of the party to stop lambasting ex-president JJ Rawlings.

According to him the party need to show respect to him otherwise they will loose again in the 2020 election.

"What is going on in the NDC is an eyesore . . . Rawlings is not a kid, no one has seen what he has seen before, we started PDC/CDR(People's Defence Council/Committe Defence Committe) with him . . . he's the founding father for the party and does not just talk like that . . . what I see now is two factions; Rawlings and Mahama factions . . . ," he said angrily said.

The NDC Will loose the 2020 election again if they do not show respect to former President.

" . . Is he not the father, why can't you go to him and resolve issues rather than sitting on radio and insulting him, he's human and has a family like everyone else. If you like target him and you'll see what will happen again in 2020. Before the elections I asked you to go and plead with him to come and campaign but you took my words for granted, and you saw the gap that we experienced, if you don't know death take a look at sleep," he added.


In an address at the 80th Ada Asafotufiami Festival last Saturday, the former President said his unflinching stance against corruption had created the false perception among some NDC faithful that he hates the party.

He said: "When I talk, they say I don't like NDC, no! I don't like stealing, I don't like disgrace so If NDC does good I will praise them if they are bad I will say it as well.

"If NPP does well, I will praise them, if they do bad I will hit them on their back".

Source: Nkomode FM

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