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NPP MP mocks colleague with 'Onaapo' song

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It is hard enough to lose a contest. But to be mocked and humiliated by your opponent after a loss is one that makes the defeat much more nauseating. That has been the situation in which scores of NDC supporters find themselves.

While many find it hard enough to comprehend how the John Mahama led NDC lost the 2016 election with such a huge margin, others in the party have chosen to play the blame game with some even suggesting a complete overhaul of the party's national executive body in order to stage a strong-enough come-back, capable of winning them the 2020 elections.

Members of the New Patriotic Party have meanwhile been celebrating their party's victory more than a week after a declaration by EC chair, Charlotte Osei, naming Nana Akufo-Addo President-elect of Ghana.

The celebration has been heralded, in many instances, by the use of the NDC's campaign song in mocking members of the National Democratic Congress. Many have been dancing to the popular John 3:16 song much to the frustration of the 2016 election losers.


Recently on Adom TV, a member of the New Patriotic Party decided to use the final minutes of a live programme to engage in 'onaapo gymnastics' all in an attempt to mock his colleague MP from the outgoing NDC government.

Source: GhanaWeb
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