NPP sees people in the Volta Region as foreigners – NDC

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Mon, 29 Jun 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Fiifi Kwetey has said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has always regarded Voltarians as foreigners accusing the party of harbouring some hatred towards any group of people that they perceived as standing between them and their desire for absolute political power in the country.

According to Fiifi Kwetey, the NPP’s hatred towards people from the Volta Region has been in existence for long revealing that a member of the NPP once took President Rawlings to court over claims that he was not a Ghanaian.

“The bottom line is that as far as the NPP is concerned, the people of the Volta region are foreigners; the Ewes are not Ghanaians. People who do not know this might be surprised about this statement. So, let us do a systematic elaboration to establish this beyond any doubt. To begin, let us remind everyone especially the young people of Ghana that the NPP family has been on record, accusing the founder of our country, Kwame Nkrumah of being a foreigner. Specifically, they said he was from Liberia.” He said.

Speaking at a press conference organized by the opposition NDC in Ketu South, the lawmaker said an attempt to prevent some residents in the municipality from partaking in the compilation of the new voters register by the government doesn’t come as a surprise as former President Jerry John Rawlings was treated as an alien.

“The mother of President Rawlings is from Keta in the Volta region. He was born in the Gold Coast in 1947. He served this country as an air force officer; became the head of state of this beloved country. Despite all these, the NPP deemed him not good enough to be a Ghanaian. After all in the view of NPP, who have always believed they are the ‘owners of Ghana’, Keta is not part of Ghana.”

“If President Rawlings, despite hailing from Keta in the Volta region, was deemed not to be a Ghanaian, why is anyone in shock when we state that the NPP has an ingrained belief that the people of Volta region are aliens and therefore should not be allowed to determine the political destiny of Ghana?”

This, he claims, is one of the many reason the NDC is paying attention to what the NPP is doing in Ketu South and other border towns of the Volta region ahead of the compilation of the voters register.

In Fiifi Kwetey’s words, “It is against this background that we need to view what the NPP is doing in Ketu South and other border towns of the Volta region. This siege of the Volta region dates back to NPPs perennial hatred towards any group of people that they perceive as standing between them and their insatiable desire for absolute political power.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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