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Edmund Delle Prof 1 Professor Edmund Nminyem Delle is CPP Chairman

Sun, 25 Feb 2018 Source: ghananewsagency.org

The Convention Peoples Party (CPP) on Saturday noted that Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s overthrow on February 24, 1966 was the bane of Ghana’s underdevelopment as successive governments failed woefully to economically liberate the country.

“The February 24, 1966 coup described as the dark days of Ghana and Africa’s liberation continue to hunt the nation, Ghana continues to struggle for economic independence 61 years after attaining political independence.

“Unfortunately under the fourth Republic the quest for economic independence has been abandoned by both the alternating governments of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who have transformed governance to mere rhetoric of who is more corrupt,” Professor Edmund Nminyem Delle CPP Chairman stated in an interview with Ghana News Agency in Accra.

Prof Delle who was speaking on the overthrow of the Dr Nkrumah’s government by the National Liberation Council (NLC) on February 24, 1966 said the dishonourable coup truncated the ‘Seven-year Development Plan,’ and set Ghana’s economic liberation backward.

The CPP Leader said Ghana had failed over the last 61 years to link the nation’s political independence to economic independence, “Ghana still runs a colonial economy, the country depends too much on the charities of others nations and institutions, the dependency syndrome must stop”.

He described February 24 as day for reflection, “Ghanaians must work together as a people with one destiny, trace our root and team up to chart the way forward. We cannot continue to paint every act with political colours.

“Media must continue to play active role in the quest for economic liberation, expose ills of society, stand-up as the true fourth estate of the realm, defend the voiceless and hold public office holders accountable. The media should be fearless but truthful crusaders”.

Prof Delle noted that over 50 years since Dr Nkrumah’s overthrow, his achievements continued to distinguish him among his contemporaries on the continent, the pan-Africanism ideology, Africa liberation and self-governance earned him an enviable reputation worldwide.

He said the indelible legacy of Dr Nkrumah, had adjudged him as Africa’s greatest (Man of the Millennium) in 2000 and his social policies and style of leadership were still impeccable.

The CPP Leader noted that even though Dr Nkrumah’s economic and social policies were undeniably the best, political opponents made every effort to discredit him. “Undoubtedly, he is so far the best President Ghana and even Africa has ever had”.

Prof Delle said: “Dr Nkrumah exhibited patriotism and eschewed parochialism as a visionary leader. Let us draw inspiration from the achievements, ideology, and vision of the great man who led Ghana to independence from British colonial rule for the purpose of nation building”.

Dr Nkrumah, was unconstitutionally ousted from office through a military and police coup d’état on February 24, 1966, led by Col. E. K. Kotoka, Major A. A. Afrifa and the then Inspector-General of Police, Mr J. W. K. Harley.

The coup-makers cited Nkrumah’s Preventive Detection Act, corruption, dictatorial practices, oppression and the deteriorating economy of Ghana as the principal reasons for the uprising.

Source: ghananewsagency.org
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