No more free accommodation, V8 cars for MPs others - Hassan Ayariga

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Sat, 5 Sep 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The era of politicians getting rich overnight will be grounded to a halt under the government of the All Peoples Congress, Dr Hassan Ayariga has declared.

According to the founder and leader of the APC, the practice of giving members of parliament as well as other government appointees freebies when they come into office is the reason they are unable to understand the difficulties of Ghanaians.

He blamed successive government’s failure to put in place funds to finance brilliant ideas of tertiary graduates, as the reason Ghana’s development has been stalled.

Citing China and other developed countries, Hassan Ayariga posited that while they practiced such policies, Ghanaian governments were giving out free accommodation, vehicles and others to politicians.

“…our graduates come out of schools with brilliant ideas and policies and then we cannot finance those projects for them. So when they come out of school with those ideas, after few years when they don’t find jobs all those ideas are gone…

“APC will put a fund in place such that immediately you come out of school, you will access that fund to build your dream… if we had done that some years back, Ghana would have been better than China.

“Chinese are doing it, that is why you have factories everywhere. But we prefer to spend money on toys like Land Cruisers. Free accommodation for ministers… free fuel for ministers.

“If you keep on giving them free, free, free how will they know your difficulties.” Ayariga fumed.

“So my government will not give free Land Cruiser, free accommodation to any minister. You are paid salary, use your salary to buy your car… use your salary to pay for your accommodation… use your salary to educate your children.

“Just like the ordinary Ghanaians you cannot be an exception… the difficulties we go through, if you go through those challenges, you’ll begin to put policies that will benefit every Ghanaian,” he added.

The All Peoples Congress flagbearer was recently acclaimed at a National Delegates congress in Accra.

The party is yet to release their manifesto as well as announce the running mate of their candidate.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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