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Our eviction from Osu Castle had nothing to do with ‘military’ operations – De-Eye

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A member of the alleged militia group; De-Eye, supposedly aligned with the ruling New Patriotic Party and stationed at the Osu Castle in Accra, has admitted to being dismissed by some government officials from the premises of the Osu Castle prior to the emergence of an exposé from Joynews.

Steven Okyere however says the dismissal had absolutely nothing to do with being a militia group or participating in any training or military activities for that matter.

Speaking to GhanaWeb on the back of the ‘Militia in the heart of the nation’ documentary which has raised many concerns, Mr. Okyere was insistent about the fact that they had been given notifications by some government officials and asked to vacate the premises. This, he continued, was however solely attributed to the fact that they were a private entity operating and using state land and property for their ‘recruitment’ operations.

“It’s a private entity and private entities cannot be using a state facility. It wasn’t right for him to have started it in the first place but sometimes when you hatch an idea, you wouldn’t know that within a short period of time, it would generate into a very big thing”.

According to him, their leader, Nana Wereko (Choman) hatched the idea of helping people while he still had capacity as leader of the taskforce mandated to reclaim government vehicles and began implementing that idea side by side his duties in government.

“With this, he was there, working for the state and he also wanted to help the unemployed and that is how it all began”, he stated.

Steven Okyere who said the group was a recruitment agency involved in helping the youth get employed also noted that the group had vacated the premises altogether in December 2019 to their new office located somewhere in Dzorwulu.

“As at last year, they had already secured a place but they were now putting everything in place. Already we were moving out of the Castle Annex to our new office in Dzorwulu. When we had the first notification to move, he got an office”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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