PNC delegates were hijacked – Mornah

Contempt Mr Bernard Mornah PNC's former National Chairman, Bernard Mornah

Fri, 2 Oct 2020 Source: starrfm.com.gh

Defeated National Chairman of the PNC Bernard Mornah has accused the party of hijacking delegates in the just-ended national congress where he was kicked out.

Mr Mornah having served as party chairman since 2016 lost to Moses Dani Baah who polled 1,297, beating the former by 31 votes

But Mr Mornah believes delegates were hijacked monetarily, as he did not possess adequate resources to secure him a win.

Speaking to Regina Borley Bortey on the Campaign Trail Thursday Mr Mornah even though did not want to admit the votes went to the highest bidder, contended resources played a major role when asked about what went wrong in his campaign.

He said, “if today the party has decided that ‘let’s give another person an opportunity’, it does matter what strategy I deployed but I think they had a superior strategy, they had a lot of resources which I didn’t have that’s one.”

“Number two, they could have done so many things. Those of you who were on congress grounds in Greater Accra yesterday, it is not everything that you have to say. But you saw that virtually they highjacked the delegates and therefore when that happened I simply had to move out of the grounds.”

He went on “well, you can ask the MC of the day, fortunately, it is one of your own Kafui Dey who was there. And at a point, he had to interject because delegates were shouting ‘no allowance no vote.’

“So, if deliberately they decided they will not give money to the party, but you will give it to individuals to go and propagate sometimes malicious things, you will just have to say the delegates chose the leadership they wanted,” he maintained.

Mr Bernard Mornah joined the PNC as a student and subsequently founded the Tertiary faction of the party. he then motivated the party to make him the national youth organizer.

He contested parliamentary in 2004, contested as the general secretary in 2007/08 and won.

In 2016, the party rewarded him as the national chairman.

Source: starrfm.com.gh
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