PNC dismisses claims by National Comms Secretary over misuse of GH¢30,000

David Apasera PNC Poster The PNC is one of Ghana's small historic opposition parties

Thu, 15 Apr 2021 Source: 3news.com

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the People’s National Convention (PNC) has dismissed allegations made by the party’s National Communications Secretary, Awudu Ishaq, over the misappropriation of a supposed GH¢30,000.

According to the NEC, the release issued by Mr Ishaq should be treated with all the contempt it deserves because “it represents the personal opinion of the writer and not that of the party.”

In a rejoinder issued on Monday, April 12, NEC said for the National Communications Secretary to take sides in an issue that has divided the rank and file of the party and “condemn the honest General Secretary and call it the position of the party is most unfortunate.”

Find the rejoinder below:


Reference to a press release of 11th April, 2021 under the above heading and signed by Comrade Awudu Ishaq (National Communication Secretary), we, the regional executives and members of the National Executives Committee (NEC), appeal to the general public to treat the said release with all the contempt its deserves as it represents the personal opinion of the writer and not that of the party.

We acknowledge the feud between our leader, Hon David Apasera and our General Secretary, Madam Janet Nabla which emanated from a certain GHC30 000.00 being an amount received from the Electoral Commission of Ghana and which led to a discussion of another GHC1.7 million being fund raised head on to the 2020 general elections.

These issues have sharply divided the rank of the party and that for Comrade Awudu to take side, condemn the honest General Secretary and call it the position of the party is most unfortunate.

We are fully aware of every penny spent as far as the GHC30 000.00 is concerned because we suggested to the General Secretary to give us the money to support our regional offices’ rent advances.

Same cannot be said by us when it comes to the GHC1.7 million raised for 2020 elections’ campaign by Hon David Apasera. This is because we are yet to see any comprehensive account on that amount to us.

An attempt was made to account for the GHC1.7 million at the NEC meeting of 27th February, 2021 but was clouded with so many clerical and basic arithmetic errors and was NEVER ‘deemed largely satisfactory’ as claimed by Comrade Awudu in his statement.

We appeal to our leader, secretary and all interested parties to resort to the structures of the party to resolve their differences instead of bringing them to the media.

These media arguments, consequently, deteriorate the fortunes of the party. We humbly wait for the leader to present proper accounts to the National Executives Committee to deliberate on.

PNC: Service with honesty.


On behalf of Regional Executives and National Executives Committee (NEC)

Source: 3news.com
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