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Parents 'bash' government over ‘bogus’ new JHS uniform; say it's misplaced priorities

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Mon, 15 Apr 2019 Source:

The Ghana Education Service (GES)’s plan to introduce new uniforms for Junior High School (JHS) pupils starting, next academic year has massively been condemned by a section of Ghanaian parents with many describing it as a sham.

GES in a press conference on Thursday announced that the uniforms would be used in addition to the existing ones from September this year to prepare pupils to appreciate the fact that they are in transition from primary to a secondary school.

But these parents have stood vehemently against the initiative which they believe is totally misplaced considering the many glaring needs facing the education sector are still struggling for solutions.

They specified that government should be focusing on introducing ideas that seek to enhance socio-economic development rather than focus on new uniforms which is a rather minor concern. Some of the problems included the issue of overcrowding in most classrooms of public schools owing to inadequate infrastructure

They reiterated that many schools have witnessed student population ranging from 70 to 100 pupils per classroom, being taught by a single teacher, adding that the situation does not auger well for quality education as the best pupil-teacher ratio should be 35 to 45 pupils in a class

Some of these parents were also unhappy about the fact that they will be laden with the task of paying for these uniforms for their wards; an extra cost burden for them.

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