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Pentecost Church launches urgent prayer request for disaster-hit Libya

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Sun, 17 Sep 2023 Source:

The Pentecost Chruch of Ghana has called for prayers for Libya following a flood disaster that has claimed over 10,000 lives at the time of filing this report.

The BBC reported earlier this week that the impact of Storm Daniels that hit particularly the city of Derna left in its wake death and destruction.

In a September 14, 2023 post on Facebook, the chruch called for "Urgent Prayer Request for Libya."

Stating further thus: "A devastating flood has hit our nation, taking numerous lives. Let's unite in prayer, both individually and as a community, to seek God's mercy and protection for Libya, our dedicated Missionary, and the entire COP Libya family," the post read.

The large number of decomposing bodies still under collapsed structures and in floodwaters in Derna city has raised concerns about the risk of disease for survivors.

BBC Africa update on Libya situation

Libya's Interior Minister Emad al-Trabelsi on Thursday told Al-Hadath TV that health authorities were investigating health hazards in the city and would make a decision on the threat of a potential outbreak.

He said electricity has been connected to some areas of Derna and work was under way around the clock to restore services.

The minister put the official death toll at 3,000 with more than 2,800 people still missing.

There is discrepancy over these figures, with Libya's ambassador to the UN saying about 6,000 people have died so far. The Red Crescent put that number higher, at 11,300.

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