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People and Places: Who helps the helper? - A 'broken' philanthropist's story

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She found her dream after a ghastly motor accident that fractured her arm and left her with the option of having to live with a bone implant.

Priscilla Naa Aklerh Ocantey, decided to start a foundation; one to help the poor, needy and helpless in society.

She has, together with her ReachOut foundation team, touched the lives of over 9,000 people across 5 regions of the country.

Orphanages, streetchildren and the likes have benefitted from her benevolence.

Sadly however, efforts to correct her arm after the accident have failed, leaving Priscilla with just one functioning arm to live with. After frustrations from 5 different surgeries on the same injury, Priscilla has resorted to seeking the help of members of the society to get treatment from a South African limb expert.

After this treatment, she says, her life-long dream of building a shelter for the poor and street children will be more in perspective and she can fully move about touching more lives and changing the world.

Watch Priscilla Naa Aklerh Ocantey tell her touching story in this edition of People and Places:

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