Police Sex allegations: Let’s halt conclusions till UN proves them guilty – Security Expert

Adam Bonaa Ghgf Adam Bonaa is a Security Analyst

Thu, 1 Mar 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Security Expert Adam Bonaa has admonished the Police service and the general public to desist making inferences and deductions on the subject of sexual exploitation of Ghanaian Police on peacekeeping mission in Sudan till investigations are concluded by the United Nations and the persons involved confirmed as having indulged in the said act.

Though there might be some truth in the allegations of sexual misconduct, Mr. Bonaa believes the facts of the matter are still unknown and hence it would be unfair and rather rash for conclusions to be drawn when enquiries are still underway to establish the actualities.

“From the information I have from the ground, there should be some iota of truth with regards with what is going on. UN we all know is a very big organization, a very credible organization so they will not do a total recall if there wasn’t any evidence.

They are in South Sudan and they are representing Ghana on the ticket of the United Nation and so you are talking about three entities, so I would want that proper investigations are conducted. If eventually, after the investigations it comes out that it is true then one would say that it is quite serious and reprehensible and so I would wish that instead of us jumping into conclusion and saying that in fact they’ve committed this act, I would urge that we wait for the UN to finish its own investigations.”, he said.

Adam Bonaa however revealed that sources close to the grounds in Wau where the Police personnel are lodged for their operations disclosed last year that some Ghanaian personnel pay as low as 1$ for their sexual escapades. For him, these persons if proven guilty beyond all doubts by the UN investigative team should pay the penalty associated with their irresponsible acts.

“I picked up this information somewhere late December last year from an NGO in Wau where the contingent of the Ghana Police are operating that there is an allegation of sexual exploitation and it is interesting to note that from what I had, I am told reliably that they pay as low as 1 dollar to have their way with these vulnerable women which one will say that we didn’t send them there to do that and so if it comes out eventually that yes indeed they did commit this crime then they should be punished by the UN according to the UN’s own rules and regulations and also the communities they are serving”.

He stressed the importance of upholding the United Nation’s set guidelines and rules for police personnel on peacekeeping duty so as to preserve the image of the country as well as that of their relatives.

“It is important for the officers of the Ghana Police Service, the military and other agencies or individuals who are sent to represent the country to realise that they are ambassadors representing the country and therefore any form of criminal activity will eventually hurt the image of this country and themselves and also their families and their friends”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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