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Reverse SHS to 4 years - Education consultant to Akufo-Addo

Asare Bediako SHS File photo

Mon, 19 Dec 2016 Source:

An Educationist and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ghana Educational Consult Daniel Oppong, is proposing that the incoming government should reverse the Senior High School (SHS) educational system to four years.

He insists that the current three-year system is not helping the educational sector because it is producing mass failures which need to be curbed compared to the quality the four-year system produced.

Mr Daniel Oppong observed that students under the three-year system are rushed through the syllabus only for examination purposes with many not having a full grasp of the content of what they are mandated to study.

According to him, the results of the four-year system speak to its advantages and therefore will be prudent for the incoming government to reconsider the decision of reverting it to the old system and make teaching and learning more effective.

“There have been a lot of failures in subjects like mathematics and science because students are rushed to complete syllabus because of the time frame. What teachers now do is take students through salient topics for examination purposes which is not the best”, he stated on Abusua Nkomo hosted by Kwame Adinkra.

He expressed worry that politicians are overly toying with the educational system in the country warning that the three-year system and associated shortfalls could have dire consequences on the educational system of the country if it is retained.

The educationist is however happy that the outgoing government has put in place the needed infrastructure which is a challenge for the four-year system proposing that the incoming government should also take it as a task to motivate teachers intrinsically and extrinsically in order to give off their best.

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