Second-term seeking president behind hardship in Ghana - Owusu Bempah claims

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Sun, 23 Sep 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

At a time when pressure is being mounted on government by the citizens to resolve issues that have resulted in general hardships in the country, popular prophet, Owusu Bempah has hinted of the cause of the hardship.

Founder of Glorious Word Power Ministry Founder, Rev. Owusu Bempah alleges that the hardships Ghanaians are faced with is the mastermind of a known political figure who has sent down demons to disrupt the progress of Ghana.

The popular 'Man of God' asserts that this known figure has decided to do all he can to make situation unbearable for Ghanaians in order to gain their sympathies and favour.

The person he suggests has intentions of ascending into a high office he once occupied but lost after the people of Ghana overwhelmingly voted him out.

For his parochial interest Rev. Owusu Bempah added, the second-term seeking political figure has courted the support of some demonic elements whose duty it is to cause havoc that will lead to disaffection for the current government and leader who sits on the throne at the moment.

He notes that despite all the policies and initiatives that have been rolled out to lessen the burden on the Ghanaian and ensure the progress of the country, one wonders the source of the hardship.

Rev. Owusu Bempah noted this pushed him to consult the spiritual realm where God revealed to him the deeds of the supposed former leader who intends to ascend the throne once more.

Irrespective of all the tactics employed by this self-seeking former leader, the founder of the Glorious Words Ministry stressed only God enthrones Kings and once he isn't ordained by God, it has been established by God and in the spiritual realm that he will be disgraced and humiliated a second time.

His ambition will fall flat and lead to no result as Ghanaians will for a second time reject him.

"Certain things are happening in this nation, some spirits have girded up their loins and they are destroying and scattering things. There is hardship in the country, the state of the economy and the affairs of the country has become so though.

So that I will become the flagbearer again and I will take control of the nation. But the Lord says He will disappoint him. If God has not chosen you, you cannot choose yourself. When God rejects you, you are rejected" Rev. Owusu-Bempah disclosed to his congregation during a service.

He told his congregation that disclosing these things will make some people point fingers at him accusing him of making physical matters look spiritual but he insisted the current situation has spiritual underpinnings.

Rev. Owusu Bempah admitted it will be difficult for people without the ability to see beyond the physical to accept what he is disclosing to the populace but assured them that the work of the person will be futile as Ghana doesn't belong to the person.

Four spirits he added has been sent to cause the havoc in Ghana but their strength outweighs that of the existing spirits in the country that is why they have had their way of causing damage.

The life of a great man in Ghana has been used a sacrifice by these spirits sent by the flagbearer hopeful but the Founder of Glorious Word Ministry indicates that there is more of such to come.

He said saying these things makes them tag him as being political but in his preaching, he noted, "if the prophet does not see these and reveal them, how can men of prayer rise up to pray against it."

Describing what he saw spiritually he stated, "I saw frogs vomited by a big dragon that are just causing havoc all over the place. I also saw a spirit that is filling peoples hearts with hatred and hasty attitude, greed and impatience. All these are for the sake of one man's personal interest.

He is destroying everything just because of his desire to take control again. This one person is travelling to places and consulting enchanters and sorcerers to do this work for him, to make things difficult do he can be ascend the high seat of Ghana but God told me He will stamp His authority" Rev Owusu-Bempah disclosed.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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