General News Thu, 18 Feb 2016

Stop attacks and speak on issues- Rev. Asante urges politicians

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante has advised politicians to desist from attacking personalities and speak on issues during the November elections that will move the country forward.

According to him, personality attacks on airwaves only develop tensions which are sometimes difficult to handle.

‘I would want to say to supporters and the leadership of political parties to ensure that the attacks on personalities, political leaders, flagbearers, we should try as much as possible to eradicate that and talk on issues, we should inculcate tolerance,’ he entreated.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Prince Minkah, he stated that it becomes very dangerous when politicians use the media to attack personalities rather than talking about issues.

‘My recommendations and that of the Peace Council is that every political party has a right to market its position; they all have the right to tell us what alternatives they have so that people will listen to them and if they think that the idea is the best thing for them, they will go for it,’ he said.

‘If somebody is vying for a position, allow that person, he is a Ghanaian and he/she has every right …we need to exercise tolerance in this matter, in other words, live and let other people live, and one would expect that we will have politics of severity as opposed to politics of insults,’ he urged.

Source: ultimate1069.com
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