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The real Anas isn't the one in mask - Former Tiger PI crew member reveals

Information emanating from deep sources in the Tiger Eye of ace investigator Anas Aremeyaw Anas reveals that the real Anas does not use a mask after all and the one in the mask is only a decoy to draw attention away from the real Anas.

Speaking with fear and looking over his shoulders, the Tiger Eye investigator who has been in the thick and thin with the real Anas said the name of the real Anas is Korshi Anyagli Mensah who hails from Adaklu in the Volta Region.

Placing his finger in the sand, and placing it on his tongue, then raising it to the skies as the sign of a vow, the ace Tiger Eye reporter said, “I used to work with them so I know how the Tiger Eye operates. The one in the mask is not the real Anas. It is Kweku Baako who wears the mask most of the time. Actually they are two who interchangeably wear the mask. He is the right-hand man of the actual Anas, Korshi Anyagli who rather goes about without the mask.

The real Anas has been described as a very brilliant and quiet gentleman whose grandfather was known as Zanu Ametsikpli. He hails specifically from Abuadi-Adaklu. Korshi attended Mawuli School in Ho for his Ordinary Level and Presec-Legon for his Advanced Levels. There did he meet a relative of Ibn Chambas who was to introduce him later to Chambas who in turn, was to introduce him to the then Head of State. Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings.

It is said that JJ took so much to him that, describing him as an extremely intelligent young man, he personally had Korshi drafted into the secret services even when he was a sixth former at Presec. Later, he was sponsored by the secret services to further his education as an English major at the University of Montreal, Canada under an assumed Islamic name for espionage reasons. Throughout his university education, therefore, the real Anas pretended to be a Muslim he was being trained as a spy. He managed to read Law privately too as he read English so he took first degrees in both. Obviously more interested in English than the Law, he later took his Masters in English at the Toronto University under the same assumed Islamic name. His own professors were to describe him to Rawlings later as “extremely brilliant” in Literature. No wonder the greatness of even his articles. He is known to be an expert in the rare art of using alliterations to write messages in rhythmic rhymes and one sees all such evidence in the writings of Anas.

His mother ’s was given as Felicia Dade and his father, Kwasi Anyagli-Mensah. They were both Reverend Ministers of the Presbyterian Church.

On his spirituality, the former Tiger Eye investigator said “The real Anas is simply being favoured by God. If you are close to him, he talks about Jesus as his personal friend and spiritual guide. He once told me, his secret is Jesus and asked me to never go to Satan for anything in life. His source of confidence is however strange. I remember we once went on a secret mission in Afghanistan. On our return, the plane was really having problems in the air to the extent that some of us were almost easing into our pants but he turned to me with a smile and said, “ So long as am in this plane with you, nothing evil will occur. Do you want me to stop the weather from misbehaving? I see you are dying from fear.”

“Though I did not think he could ask the weather to stop misbehaving, I nodded like a child, as I looked into his eyes with terror in my eyes. So he tore a piece of paper from the note pad on his lap and wrote on it,

“Am nobody but today, I will help you guess who I may be. The weather will listen to what I have written now. Just watch. In the name of my friend Jesus, you mischief – pregnant weather, clear away now before I get angry.”

That was what he wrote on that side of the paper. At the back of it, he wrote, “We have been in many kinds of dangers together and I always ask you not to fear when you are with me. Perhaps for the sake of your peace, I owe you a reason for this assurance. As soon as you have read this, the weather will abate.”

To my surprise, just as I finished reading the note, the weather cleared and the plane sailed on smoothly to Istanbul where we had another mission. He later told me that he was not just another human being but that would not be easy to explain so he would end it there.

“It was on that same journey that he told me that words are living spirits. They are agents. Words are more than what we think they are. This is why they can cause havoc or bring peace and why I must always use them positively and I will always succeed. The real Anas is a deep, quiet Christian.”

When questioned why, if he was a Christian. he could not attend his own mother’s funeral, our informant said the recent claim that Anas’ mother had just died was another hoax.

“Anas’ real mother was known as Akosua Dade. She died in 2009. I was at the funeral myself. All his siblings whom I know well came but he could not be.

Latest Exposé

Described as Africa’s most revered investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw is set to release his latest exposé dubbed Number 12.

Excerpts of the promo indicate that a tight bubble which is about to burst following extensive investigations are done by Anas and his Tiger PI crew which he is unwilling to divulge.

He promises to serve it hot to the country warning ahead of the premier that is not going to be nice calling on all to ready themselves for the exposé.

It would be recalled that in January this year at The National Media Festival held by the Press Foundation, TPF in Bolgatanga, the Celebrated Ghanaian investigative journalist, gave an indication that persons who will be captured in his yet to be released exposé may try fleeing the country to avoid the associated embarrassment that may come along with it.

Meanwhile, Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul-Malik Kweku Baako has described the latest investigative piece as “an explosive mix,” which has football sector and its links with politics covered.

“I got a couple of his [Anas’] boys and they said they cannot tell me directly what it is but they can give me leads. So they say that it is either parliament, the Flagstaff House or the oil and gas sector, and that it is an investigation that started in 2016 into 2017, and then the very early part of 2018,” Randy Abbey said.

Screenings of ‘Number 12” will also be done in Kumasi, Tamale and Takoradi between June 9 and June 16 to afford residents the opportunity to appreciate the efforts of the undercover journalist whose avowed goal is ‘name, shame and jail’ and has always maintained that his style is tried and tested and those criticizing it are only entitled to their opinion.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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