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The state shall be held responsible if anything happens to Gregory Afoko – Family

Family of embattled Gregory Afoko have sounded a warning to government following a recent development they describe as worrying.

Questioning the motive behind the persistent refusal of the Police to the release the suspect on bail despite a court order, they wondered if the trial of Mr. Afoko was criminal or a political prosecution.

In a statement signed by a member of the family, Cynthia Afoko, they revealed that “The family of Gregory Afoko, during a visit to him today May 3, 2019, has confirmed what we thought was rumours in both the social media and other traditional media that Gregory Afoko has had his blood samples drawn out from him yesterday, May 2, 2019 even though he had not reported himself sick or complained of any sickness.

Gregory himself confirmed this when we visited him today, May 3, 2019 As his family we are extremely worried at the attempt to treat Gregory for an infection that they claim to have detected from the blood sample they took.

What is the motive for refusing to obey a court order to release Gregory on bail two months after the order was made and rather proceeded to blood-test and offer treatment to Gregory instead of releasing him to the family who can get the best healthcare available for him, if he is indeed sick.”

They further expressed worry over attempts by the Police to treat Gregory Afoko for an ailment they note he’s not suffering from.

“Our hope and prayer now is that there is nothing sinister about this sudden “care for Gregory”. Let the authorities that are continuing to defy a court order be reminded that Gregory has constitutional rights as a citizen of Ghana and that the continuous violation of his rights will not extend further into causing him even more grievous bodily harm and mental torture than he has already endured, and that the incarcerating authorities should remember their duty of care to every citizen including Gregory and therefore they will be deemed liable if any harm comes to Gregory whilst in their custody” ,part of the statement also read.


Gregory Afoko has been on trial since 2015 for the murder of former Upper East Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Adams Mahama.

His trial was, however, setback after the arrest of the man alleged to be his accomplice Asakba Alangdi was arrested earlier this year leading to the Attorney-General filing a nolle prosequi and beginning the process all over, even though the trial was at the addresses stage

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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