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"Vote against NDC & NPP"

The Progressive People's Party (PPP) led by its presidential candidate, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, on Sunday, 28 October, asked the chiefs and people of Wulensi in the Northern Region to punish the political parties which went to court to stop the by-election which was scheduled for July 2012.

To this end, he urged them to vote massively for the PPP and its parliamentary candidate, Issa Damba - first, because he is the best candidate and then to send a strong message to the NDC, NPP, CPP and the PNC who strategised to deny them representation in Parliament.

It would be recalled that the independent Member of Parliament for the Wulensi, Alhaji Sanni, passed away which set the stage for a by-election to be held to choose a new candidate.

Unfortunately, after all preparations had been made, the NDC, CPP, NPP and PNC jointly and at the very last minute went to court to stop the election which they filed candidates and campaigned to participate in.

To Dr. Nduom, this was hypocrisy at its highest level and is something the people of Wulensi must not forget.

The people became very animated and gave huge applause when Dr. Nduom asked the people to remember the good works of the late MP Alhaji Sanni and his efforts to unite the people and told them that PPP’s Issa Damba will continue his good works.

An enthusiastic crowd received the PPP national campaign team at the outskirts of the Wulensi town and escorted them to an exciting rally at the market center. This was the third visit of Dr. Nduom to the area in 2012.

The chief of Wulensi thanked Dr. Nduom for bringing banking services to the doorstep of the people. The campaign team moved to Bimbilla where the PPP’s parliamentary candidate, Hajia Ibbisah Zaharatu, set the people on fire at a mammoth rally on late Sunday evening.

Even as the rally went on into the night, the people would not go home and kept telling Dr. Nduom to stay with them a little longer.

Dr. Nduom repeated the PPP’s commitment to peace, discipline, respect for opponents and the principle of one nation and one people. He advised PPP members and supporters to continue to be law-abiding, comport themselves and treat all as brothers and sisters.

He declared that the PPP sees Ghanaians and not Akans, Nanumbas, Konkombas, Dagombas, Ewes, or Ga people. The PPP, he said, has come to unite the people.

Dr. Nduom told the people that it is only the PPP that will bring stable electricity, good drinking water and better quality education. He expressed his happiness and satisfaction with the positive response and support demonstrated and declared that the Northern Region will prove to be a stronghold of the PPP.

The PPP, he was confident, will win many parliamentary seats in the Northern Region on 7th December. Dr. Nduom asked the people to note the differences in the political parties and their symbols so as not to make a mistake on 7th December.

The party's symbol, the bright rising red sun and the colours, red and white were explained to the chiefs and people. The bright red sun was associated with being awake, strength, life, hard work, hope and prosperity.

The people were given a demonstration about voting on December 7th to look for the bright red sun, to vote twice for the PPP at Number 4 on the ballot for the Presidency and Number 3 for the Parliamentary races in Wulensi and Bimbilla.

The National Campaign team led by Dr. Nduom included the National Treasurer, Mr. Felix Ograh, and Communications Officers, Mr. Sammy Ampah and Mr. Michael Kunke.

They were accompanied by the Northern Region Chairman of the PPP, Alhaji Baba, the Regional Organiser, Murtala Kwame, Women’s Organiser, the Secretary, Vice Chairperson and other regional officials of the party.

Source: todaygh

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