Voters register: Report any acts of intimidation along borders – Volta Minister

Dr Archibald Yao Letsa Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa

Sun, 28 Jun 2020 Source: dailyguidenework.com

Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa is urging all persons living in the Volta and Oti regions not to be alarmed for there is peace in the area.

He noted that the presence of security personnel along the country’s eastern border with neighbouring Togo was not to intimidate or abuse the rights of residents, but to ensure the country’s porous borders are well manned.

He has therefore warned the security personnel not to abuse their uniform by intimidating and abusing the rights of residents, but rather work with residents, protect them and allow their good deeds to speak for them.

The minister went on to urge residents to feel free to expose and report any security personnel who indulges in any illegal conduct so, he or she could be appropriately dealt with.

Dr. Letsa gave the assurance in Ho, when he met the media to explain why the country has tightened its border security, including its eastern boundary in the Volta and Oti regions.

He stressed that “Volta is part of Ghana and one of the 16 regions of Ghana. The region is at peace. We are not at war with anyone.

All citizens and residents must be rest assured that they are safe.”

Unapproved Routes and COVID-19

After the first case of novel coronavirus was recorded in Ghana, the country’s borders were closes to all movement except for cargo.

However, the porous nature of the county’s borders coupled with the uncountable number of unapproved routes along our boundary’s exposed the country’s vulnerability, Dr. Letsa said.

To this end, most of the districts and municipalities along the country’s border arrested many people who succeeded to enter the country through these unapproved routes or attempted to leave the country mostly with the aid of residents.

In the Volta Region, Ketu South became an epicentre recording the highest number of cases for three months consistently until, Ho, the regional capital overtook it.

Residents and even the opposition NDC who considered the region its stronghold, lamented severally and constantly called for increased security to curb the situation.

Economically and financially, the Municipality’s coffers were drained as it had to foot the bills of security patrols, quarantine facilities for hundreds of illegal immigrants over several weeks, feeding of same immigrants and security personnel as well as transportation and allowances for testing.

Appeal for Improved Security

The Municipal Chief Executives of Ketu North and Ketu South in particular made several appeals through the regional coordinating council for central government to intervene as they were at their breaking point.

It was therefore gratifying that the government and the National Security Ministry finally responded and came to the rescue of the situation.

It is a security situation which if continuously ignored would have degenerated, the Regional Minister noted.

This he said was because some residents were also taking advantage of the porous borders, unapproved routes and inadequate personnel to run a business shuffling goods and people over the border illegally and inturn increasing spread of COVID-19 in the region.

He assured that the increased security presence it simply to curtail illegal movements, improve border security, protect lives and property and also cut spread of COVID-19.

This increased security presence along the border is not in Volta alone, but includes, Oti region and regions along the northern and western boundaries of the country as well.

Source: dailyguidenework.com
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