We are hungrier than we were in opposition - NPP Communicators

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Thu, 30 Mar 2017 Source: mynewsgh.com

Communicators and serial callers of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ashanti region say they feel hungrier hungry than they were in opposition 8 years ago.

They observed that their current predicament is an eyesore considering how the leadership of the party in the region has neglected them and failed to heed to their concerns since the party won power three months ago.

Daniel Atta affectionately called Commander Fire who speaks for the NPP communicators, said they saw what their counterparts in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) benefitted when the NDC party when it won power but same cannot be said about them.

According to him, some of them were considered as appointees to the various assemblies but under the current dispensation, no single person was considered wondering what their crime is.

“We spend so much moving from one station to the other defending the party. We sometimes text into shows just to ensure that the issues of the party are projected but we have been neglected….I was involved in accident but no one cares to know how I am faring”, he said.

He alleged that their colleagues in other regions have either been given monies or appointed into enviable positions whilst they have been left to wallow in poverty and misery.

‘We the serial callers spend not less than GH¢25.00 on airtime a day just to call to contribute to topics on radio and television stations. We use our own monies. Multiply this amount by 8 years, we could have built storey buildings with this money. We are very hungry, we are not requesting for positions but they should give us some money. Majority of NDC communicators were appointed when they were voted into power, why is our case different,’ he asked.

The aggrieved serial caller said it is prudent for the bigwigs to reward them, saying they are always left on their own when they are involved in casualties in the line of their duties.

He requested their names to appear on government payroll calling on the President to employ them into the various government agencies and departments to prevent any untoward.

‘Some of us are mechanical engineers whilst others have vocational training skills, we can work in some of the agencies by contributing our quota to the development of the country, we need to be motivated by the party, we have been rejected,’ he said.

Source: mynewsgh.com
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