We are in 'dumsor' because Akufo-Addo sacked all NDC Ministers - Ayariga

APC HASSAN AYARIGA2 Hassan Ayariga, Flagbearer of the All People

Thu, 2 Mar 2017 Source: abusuafmonline.com

Flagbearer of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga is accusing President Akufo Addo of reintroducing energy crisis, popularly known as “dumsor.”

Hassan Ayariga explains, the out-gone government of John Mahama managed to end the erratic power supply for about a year prior to assumption of office by the current government.

Ayariga adds, the Akufo Addo government made a mistake when it sacked all ministers that served under the previous government of John Mahama.

He argues, President Akufo Addo should have retained some of the ministers of John Mahama in office so that newly appointed ministers of the NPP would understudy them.

The APC leader was speaking in an interview with host of Abusua Nkommo, Kwame Adinkra on his assessment of the Akufo Addo government since taking office on January 7.

Hassan Ayariga said, “Akufo Addo is responsible for the dumsor because John Mahama managed teh situation for more than a year.”

“Akufo Addo should not have immediately fired all Mahama ministers…he should have kept them in office so that his own ministers will learn from the Mahama ministers,” he added.

He argues, “Mahama ministers helped in fixing dumsor and they could have helped Akufo Addo with ideas, but he sacked all of them and that was a mistake..we are all Ghanaians and everyone should have the opportunity to serve Ghana.”

Source: abusuafmonline.com
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