We don’t talk much but don’t offend us – Anlo Chief on how they react to threats, offences

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Tue, 1 Sep 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

‘Mysterious’, now that’s how they describe themselves. The Anlos of the Volta Region, though barely speak when offended, have their own way of dealing with issues.

This was revealed by Spokesperson to the Awoemefia, Togbi Kumassah, when he took his turn on GhanaWeb’s ‘People and Places’ show.

Over time, the Anlos, who are a sub-group of the Ewe ethnic group, have arguably, been perceived as persons who will usually get back at their ‘enemies’ or offenders with spiritual tactics.

Addressing the subject on the show, Togbi Kumassah told host, Wonder Ami Hagan, that the Ewes generally have been tagged with that perception because they are very reserved and unpredictable people.

Rather than ‘make noise’ and threaten people when offended he explained, they would rather keep their thoughts to themselves and retaliate using their own means.

“The fact is that, we are mysterious. We don’t talk much when things are happening. We are very reserved. If you offend us, we will not say anything but that doesn’t mean we will not retaliate. And the retaliation is even more than the verbal interactions.”

“Every action and reaction. The fear people have is the outcome of their actions because if we tell you, what is going to happen, then you tune your mind and you even predict the direction that you will go.

I will say, you should not offend Ewes. Sometimes, the soul will fight for you, you will not ask it to do anything for you but it will still fight for you,” he continued.

Citing recent happenings with the voters registration where some military persons were deployed to some border towns in the Volta Region to secure Ghana’s borders against the illegal entry of foreigners in the wake of the coronavirus, Togi Kumassah said,

“The issue happening with the registration, you see that the Anlo Chiefs, we were just quiet because we know how to handle those situations better. If you go and shout, you are only shouting. While you are shouting, it will not solve the problem we know when to act. Because our people said, even though the sea is very wild if you pour it into a calabash, it cannot break the calabash. Also we know that the fight is not in the size of the dog but the fight in the dog.”

Togbi Kumassah was speaking about the History of the Anlo State on the People and Places show.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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