We lost elections because we failed to respond appropriately to Bawumia - Alhaji Saani

Mohammed Sanii Alhaji Mohammed Saani, leading memberof the NDC

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 Source: abusuafmonline.com

A leading member of the National Democratic Congress has blamed former Vice President Amissah Arthur and former Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission of largely contributing to the party’s defeat in the last elections.

According to Alhaji Mohammed Saani, the two leading economists of the NDC failed to respond appropriately when the then running mate of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia “was busily punching the NDC government’s economic policies.”

Speaking in an interview, Alhaji Sani said Prof. Kwesi Botwe should therefore capture in his own committee’s report that they failed to face Dr. Bawumia’s economic prowess which also contributed to their defeat.

He was responding to the ongoing internal wrangling and blame games as NDC stalwarts have been embroiled in pointing accusing fingers to their own leadership for actions and inactions that sent the party to opposition.

The former Ashanti Regional Vice Chairman of the NDC said, “we must not look far in identifying who and who made us lose the elections…let’s blame Prof. Kwesi Botwe and Amissah-Arthur.”

“Amissah-Arthur was a whole governor of the Bank of Ghana and he couldn’t even face Bawumia…Bawumia was just a second deputy and ask yourself, between a whole governor and second deputy, who should be powerful in terms of economic knowledge and figures,” he charged.

“Look at the stature of Kwesi Botwe, a former finance minister, a professor of international recognition and he also failed to counter Bawumia’s economic lectures and the young man subjected the whole NDC government to series of attacks using figures and economics.”

“Bawumia is a small boy…a little boy for that matter yet Kwesi Botwe and Amissah-Arthur allowed him to constantly embarrass our government without a single reaction to him,” angry Alhaji Saani said.

Alhaji Saani said, “the most lame and annoying part is that, Amissah-Arthur told us his friend advised him not respond to Bawumia and I am asking him, did the friend do good or bad.”

Source: abusuafmonline.com
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